Our mascot Duck Hair

About Duck Hair

A deceptively simple third person, tilt-ball maze game.

The History

The Duck Hair project started off as a simple application to collect product survey responses from our users. It was basically a product trivia game that uploaded users’ responses back to the server. It worked as designed but in truth it was a little boring. It had no “zing” to it.

So we put our heads together and decided that if we wrapped a small game around the questions we might be able to entice our users to provide additional feedback by making it fun. We gather a team of exceptionally talented designers together, one thing led to another and we ended up with this incredibly addictive game.  Enjoy!

The Credits

Although the Duck Hair suite of products is the design and conceptualization of Matthew Bray, the true talent behind the games is the team of designers and developers at KnubiSoft.com. Code monkeys are a dime of dozen but to have truly imaginative and creative talent is the rarity.

The Talent

Margartia Prylypska
Vadym Sydora
Alexey Starchenko
Mary Yefremova
Valentin Gubsky
Vitaliy Terziev