A short video of the Duck Hair maze game.

The Game

Content Rating: Everyone

Duck Hair is easy to play. Very easy.
Whaaa-aaa-aaa!  That’s my evil laugh.

The idea is simple. A third-person tilt-ball game where you roll the ball around and collect points. Collect the 5 big yellow ducks to advance to the next level. The higher the level: the greater the bonus points.

Far easier said than done when you have exploding mines chasing you, falling anvils to watch for and the timer is counting down.

Every Duck Hair maze is randomly generated in size and layout so the chances of playing a duplicate game are very remote.

Game Screenshots

Game Objects

You will see a blue sphere in the middle of the screen. You simply tilt your device and let gravity do its job. You need only roll the ball around this simple maze and collect the objects. Some ducks are “good ducks” and others, well… they’re not so good and you should avoid them.

What could be simpler?