A short introduction to the Duck Hair maze game.

Duck Hair - Lite
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Rating: Everyone

Duck Hair is a deceptively simple third-person tilt-ball maze game like none you've played before. It has also been known to be...

"Aggravatingly Simple"

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Duck Hair is different! Though we might be mistaken we believe our Duck Hair version of tilt-ball is unique and is absolutely challenging.

The player’s perspective is truly third person where you can turn to look behind you. With Duck Hair you can roll the ball to see where you've been or... where you want to go! No extra touches needed, no finger swipes, no buttons to press, nothing to learn - just tilt and roll the ball.

We've designed Duck Hair to be short & sweet and with a play time of about 10 to 15 minutes. Each Duck maze is uniquely generated where your luck, skill and strategy will determine how many levels you will be able to complete.

There are no in-app purchases or ads. We are old school at Duck Hair and believe when something is free – it’s free!

And we believe when you buy something - it’s yours and with no hidden cost later on. There are no “would you like to purchase an engine with that new car?”

Alas our free version is limited to the Easy level and you will have only 50 quotes with the Politics Edition, but on the bright side the Big Duck is only three bucks.